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There is only one marketing and promotional company to use to increase your iTunes sales,  Believe it or not, to market and promote your iTunes single or album can be a difficult responsibility.   There is no true way to drive traffic or potential fans to your iTunes page unless you purchase pay per click (ppc) ads or impressions.  Both can be very expensive and will most likely NOT work.  If you use other social networks like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to market iTunes, you will soon find out that you have wasted your money and most importantly, time.

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Who is is a viral marketing and video seeding company that has an impeccable business reputation.  They work with some of the largest record labels and movie studios in the United States.   They have an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau and have won Best of Tampa Bay Marketing for 2011 & 2012.  VVV owns close to 1,000 website valued at $2.5 million dollars.  Some of their top websites average 9 million visitors per year, 3.7 million page views per month, and an Alexa rank of 45,300.  A website like this generates $371 a day in advertising revenue.  VVV uses sites like this to drive traffic to your iTunes singles and albums.

How does increase your iTunes sales?  As long as you have a YouTube video, can increase your downloadable music sales.  They use a revolutionary new music promotion app called TripleVMusic to drive traffic and potential new fans to purchase your iTunes single.  Music lovers vote on your music video while getting rewarded with iTunes and Amazon gift certificates.  There are “Buy Now” button on the app so fans can easily purchase your music on the spot.  Here are some other key points on how they can raise your sales:

Here’s what our app does for you:

  • TripleVMusic spends an average $100,000 a month in advertising to drive new traffic to their app, you get all the benefits of their advertising for a ridiculous inexpensive price
  • TripleVMusic App is the #1 Rated Music Promotion on Apple and Google Play App Stores. Puts your hot new single in front of our 50,000+ fan base music lovers
  • Your music video gets exposure to over 25,000 music industry experts & music fans via our social media accounts #SupportIndieMusic. Their Followers include A&R’s, Indie Music Bloggers, Indie Radio Stations, Record Labels, etc.
  • Their app takes fans directly to your YouTube video for viewing, increasing the amount of views on your music video.
  • If you receive enough positive votes on their “New Release” chart then you automatically move over to their “Top 20″ chart and can stay there for weeks or even months giving you exposure to 100,000′s of new fans!
  • Think your music is better than other famous worldwide artists, now you will be listed right next to them and neutral fans will  reveal the truth showing record labels, radio stations, and venues your true potential.
  • All their data is tracked in live time helping you locate and cater to your demographics all while growing your fans base and getting you paid!
  • Now you know who Loves or Likes your music, so they can start building a database of true fans for you!

Available on both Apple & Android. Download and try for FREE!


How much does it cost to increase your downloadable music sales?  Well to answer this question, first let’s look at other forms of iTunes marketing and promotions.  You can spend anywhere from $5 to $5,000 per month with Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and they will not guarantee you a single iTunes sale!

Click Here for Proof TripleVMusic App Can Increase iTunes Sales / Music Sales

 “Why am I spending money on this music campaign if I’m not guaranteed to see a return on my investment?”

Once you purchase a marketing package from these social media networks they don’t care if you sell one single or album, they already have you money! Unlike other social networks that you might advertise with, VVV will guarantee that they can increase your iTunes sales in writing.  They will have to have full access to your Tunecore or CDBaby sales reports to put the guarantee writing.  This is to make sure that there is no manipulation of your sales reports. So how much have you spent on your music campaigns? What are your music sales?  To be on the TripleVMusic App is a onetime low cost of $399, but spots are limited and prices can increase at any time.  Give them a call today at (813)413-5209 for a FREE consultation on how they can increase your iTunes sales.


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