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Slide the City to Make a Splash in Milwaukee

Summer is heating up and next week Slide the City is bringing their one-of-a-kind slide to Milwaukee. On July 25, families and friends alike can slip, slide and splash down this king- sized slide. Event organizers are excited to bring this event to Milwaukee for the first time.

We cant wait to bring Slide the City to this fun loving community, said Andrew Lacanienta, event director. There is nothing quite like a giant water party right downtown.

Highland Avenue will become almost un-recognizable when black asphalt is replaced with a massive slippery surface that spans three city blocks. Event organizers anticipate that thousands of adventure seekers will ride their inflatable tubes down this Guinness World Record – breaking slide. With music provided by Virgin Radio, local vendors and giveaways throughout the day, this family-friendly event promises to be a highlight of the year.

Slide the City donates a portion of the proceeds from every event to a local charity. “There is nothing quite like speeding down a slip n slide knowing you are giving back to the community,” Lacanienta said. “The Salvation Army is a fantastic organization and we are thrilled to be working with them.”

Sliding starts at 10am. Participants can purchase a one, three or super slider pass during a selected wave time and are encouraged to sign up before July 22 to take advantage of the current Facebook promo. Pricing starts at $ 20.

Those over 5 years of age and 46 inches tall are welcome to slide! Visit the Slide the City Facebook page for information about their current promotion or visit for more information about Slide the City Milwaukee.

About Slide the City

The first event of its kind, Slide the City has seen massive growth since it started in 2014. This original concept went viral when the video was released, and this year promises to be bigger, better, and wetter. Slide the City is on track to produce more than 100 in the US and Canada and has entered various other countries around the world. Slide the City is a family-friendly event bringing 1,000 feet of padded vinyl onto city streets. This giant three-lane slide travels around the country so people from coast-to-coast can have the slide of their lives!
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Kristian Nairn Follows Up His Hit Debut Single, “Up (feat. Leanne Robinson)” by Releasing B-side, “Beacon” on SoundCloud

Renowned locally and internationally in the field of music and performance, Kristian Nairn is a prolific homegrown talent. Widely recognized for his portrayal of the lovable, Hodor on HBOs hit series Game of Thrones, Nairn has been DJing and producing for over a decade, holding down a residency for eleven years at Kremlin, one of Irelands most popular and enduring venues.

Nairn is now taking the electronic music world by storm with the recent release of his debut single, ‘Up / Beacon’ available now on Radikal Records. The lead single, Up features the dreamy vocals of Leanne Robinson, and after a first week of coverage from publications like Ministry of Sound, Thump/Vice and The Verge, Up is about to hit 100,000 plays on SoundCloud.

Today, Nairn has released the single’s B-side,Beacon, a progressive-house track with a unique blend of heavy synths and electro elements. The track trades the vocals and piano driven melodies of Up for a darker, more atmospheric sound; making it a perfect addition for his after-hours DJ sets. Listen to “Beacon” on Nairn’s official SoundCloud:

“It’s been a long time coming, and I think ‘Up / Beacon’ and the material yet to come is a really good reflection of how I feel about house music. We have been very lucky to find Leanne, and its been great working with her. Ive never been more excited to share ‘Up / Beacon’ and what else Ive been doing in the studio with the world over the next months.” – Kristian Nairn

Nairn has been on an international tour, aptly titled Rave of Thrones with shows across Europe, Australia and the United States. Click Here to purchase tickets for when Nairn’s “Rave of Thrones” stops at Irving Plaza in NYC on Thursday, August 13th.

Up / Beacon (feat. Leanne Robinson) is currently available for digital purchase and streaming worldwide. Download Kristian Nairn’s debut single on iTunes and Beatport, or stream it on Spotify and Bandcamp.


1. Up (Club Mix) feat. Leanne Robinson

2. Up (Dub Mix) feat. Leanne Robinson

3. Up (Radio Edit) feat. Leanne Robinson

4. Beacon

For more information please visit: or follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

About Radikal Records:

Established in 1990, and based just outside of NYC, Radikal Records is one of the United States leading independent record labels. In business for more than 25 years, they are focused on marketing, promoting, and distributing artists not only to audiences in the USA, but also on a global basis to partners world-wide. Artists included on their roster over the years include: 2 Unlimited, N-Trance, Zombie Nation, ATB, Yello, Scooter, Schiller, Blank & Jones, Cosmic Gate, Sinead OConnor, Ayah Marar, and many others. For more information visit:
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infinitee Wins Inaugural NUVI Award For Excellence In Social Media

infinitee, a full-service, strategic marketing agency in Atlanta, GA made history winning the first ever, monthly NUVI award for its Winning Strategy and Implementation of NUVI, a monitoring, analytics, and data visualization platform for social media. The agency implemented the real-time social media intelligence tool in late February to provide more in-depth data analysis of its clients online presence, allowing the team to see what people are saying about each client across the internet, respond to the most important conversations and ultimately influence social behaviors.

infinitee is proud to be recognized for its strategic implementation of the product among thousands of NUVI users and global brands. infinitees social media department is comprised of three dedicated team members who manage all of the social media needs for a notable list of clients with unique tactics developed to capitalize on the intelligence data NUVI provides. Additionally, infinitee leverages NUVI as a market research tool when applicable across other agency verticals including market research, consumer demographics, interests, lifestyles and is also proving beneficial in other areas of infinitees marketing and advertising services.

infinitee has established a unique strategy to using NUVI that is unconventional to most major agencies and brands, eliciting the following statement from the NUVI team:

We cannot share infinitees secret sauce and how theyre using NUVI because then youll all copy them. But infinitee is proving NUVI is not a cookie cutter solution that fits just one type of industry as they are finding a lot of success with their agency and clients, and are having a great experience using NUVI as their social media platform. Congrats on being awesome.

Other winners of the inaugural NUVI award include:

1. Jonathon Miami for pitching Donald Trump on his presidential candidacy announcement: Mr. Trump, Im a web developer. Lets talk about that $ 3 website. receiving more retweets than Trumps announcement itself.

2. The Denver Broncos for participating in American Pharoahs first Triple Crown win since 1978: We know a thing or two about being the best horse. Way to run. #AmericanPharoah #TripleCrown

3. Bellator MMA for its wonderful review of NUVIs ability to monitor real-time conversations via keywords and hashtags during one of their biggest fights to date.

4. Taylor Swift and Apple for their quick conversation and the solutions social media provided to solve the Apple Streaming Music Services in protection of new artists.

Whether a retail or commercial real estate company, a global brand or a b2b entity using traditional or emerging marketing tools, infinitee has the capability to analyze your existing online presence, efforts and resources to effectively strategize the best plan of action to capitalize on the most effective tactics working for you.

Call infinitee today at (404) 231-3481 Ext.114 to speak with our Social Media Strategist, Chelsea Smith, directly for more information regarding the best solutions for online strategies.

About infinitee

infinitee is a full-service real estate marketing and advertising agency based in Atlanta, Georgia with 25+ years of marketing experience. Our services include branding, advertising, digital, social media and more for commercial, mixed-use, multifamily, shopping and outlet center developers and management companies. infinitee is known for unlimited creativity, strategic marketing and unmatched service.

Some of our clients include: Cousins Properties, PM Realty Group, Gables Residential, Lennar Commercial Investments, Craig Realty Group, Banyan Street Capital, Tanger Outlets, OliverMcMillan, RaCo Real Estate Advisors, Hill Partners, Fuqua Development
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Music Industry Legend Steve Albini to Deliver Keynote Address at Chicago Music Technology Expo

Music industry legend Steve Albini will deliver the keynote address at the upcoming IMSTA FESTA in Chicago on Saturday, July 25th. The free event is hosted by the International Music Software Trade Association (IMSTA), a non-profit organization. IMSTA FESTA will be held at the SAE Institute campus located at 820 N. Orleans Street in Chicago.

IMSTA is dedicated to educating and fostering a conversation between both music software and hardware users and manufacturers on the value of purchasing music software products they use rather than using pirated versions of the products. Since 2007, IMSTA has held IMSTA FESTA events in major cities including Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles and Toronto to help promote IMSTAs core message and slogan Buy the software you use.

Albini is known throughout the world as a singer-songwriter, guitarist, engineer, producer, journalist and studio owner. He has worked on over 2,000 records since 1981 with a wide range of artists including Nirvana, Pixies, Bush and Robert Plant. Uniquely positioned at the crossroads of the ever changing music industry, Albini will deliver a thought-provoking, intelligent, and inspiring keynote address on the new music industry.

IMSTA FESTA is open to music makers of all genres and levels including songwriters and music technology professionals, semi professionals, amateurs, students and educators. Attendees are invited to attend hands-on master class workshops as well as learn from professional panels.

Attendees will also be able to network with major industry professionals. The networking event is co-sponsored by the SAE Institute, Broadjam, Sweetwater Sound, GRAMMY P&E Wing, NAMM and Keyboard, Electronic Musician and Tape-Op magazines.

The IMSTA FESTA Professional Panel Series will be led by professional industry leaders including Steve Silk Hurley, Martin Atkins and Zak Fox who bring a fresh perspective on the music production industry sharing information on how to make money with your music, developing your EDM business, as well as information about publishing and licensing within the music industry.

IMSTA FESTA Chicago also features live Song Reviews where experienced industry professionals offer insightful, educated, one-on-one appraisals of songs brought to the show by attendees.

Admission is FREE but all visitors must register at:


IMSTA is a global non-profit association of music software companies. One of IMSTAs principal missions is to conduct public education about piracy in the music software space. IMSTA promotes the Buy The Software You Use slogan and exposes the public to the industry and this message through a variety of ways including the popular IMSTA FESTA music technology events across North America.

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TSN Advertising CEO appears on NBC’s SmartMoney! “TSN Drives Advertising to Roads Less Traveled”

TSN promotes Miller Lite in San Diego

TSN Advertising’s CEO sits down with Jim Conaway of SmartMoney Radio in the below interview describing what the changing landscape of outdoor advertising means for today’s biggest brands.

“TSN Advertising is committed to becoming the new advertising staple in branding and promotional campaigns. The companys CEO, Eric Zdenek joined us on air to talk about their start and how TSN grew the business.

You can listen to the interview on NBC’s SmartMoney Radio

What is TSN Advertising?

TSN Advertising is an outdoor advertising media provider that serves Fortune 500 companies with branding and promotional campaigns by partnering with local, large delivery trucks and wrapping them with our clients campaigns. We currently have 100s of trucks wrapped with dozens of campaigns in markets across the country. From Jamba Juice to Western Union, from Maine to San Diego, we are opening this platform to more and more clients with our best in class wraps, our unbeatable price points, and our dedicated service to customizing our clients campaigns to their objectives.

Tell us about the TSN trucks. Are they going places or driving solely for advertising? Is this a sustainable business?

TSN trucks represent a new wave of outdoor branding and sustainability. Our trucks are on the road with or without our clients ads. The trucks are most commonly used as 3rd party logistics providers for major retailers and restaurants. So theyll deliver products to the very stores our clients customers shop and eat. Now, with TSN entering the picture, we simply hop on the back of these trucks to provide big branded campaigns at price points previously unattainable. This approach fundamentally separates us from the skinny billboard trucks, which are only on the road to advertise. The added traffic (in areas that are already burdened with congestion) and the added pollution has put these trucks in hot water with local municipalities the country over.

TSN is also proud of the fact that this new platform brings additional revenue to 100s of local businesses. Money that previously only went to billion dollar advertising behemoths in the form of billboard companies or massive bus ad companies.

What sets your method of advertising apart from other mediums?

Above all, TSN is in the unique position to offer the kind of big branded advertising that marketers desire and we do so at a price that a CFO can live with. We dont compromise size for cost. Our trucks are over 400 sq ft of street level advertising, which is relatively larger than billboards and the ads arent interrupted with wheel wells, windows, and doors like they are on buses. Now add to all that the unbeatable price points and youre left with a company that has a client retention rate of over 90% and one thats more than doubled every 6 months since its inception just a few years ago.

Who are some of your clients?

In the entertainment space were proud to work with:

NBC in multiple markets

Rock in Rio Music Festival

Musicians such as The Pixies, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars

In the Financial space weve launched campaigns with Western Union in over half a dozen markets and our longest standing client of over 3 years, 800LoanMart throughout several states.

In the beverage category weve done quite well with nearly a dozen brands including

Jamba Juice

Miller Lite


Coors Light

Redd’s Apple Ale

and my personal favorite, Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy

Weve also had fantastic wins with professional sports teams and technology companies with the LA Clippers Chivas USA campaigns and with Samsung, Flipps, and Gyft

Chumash Casino and Resort

Tim Horton’s Cafe and Bake Shop

Who is your ideal advertiser?

Our ideal advertiser is a partner that has the need for market wide coverage on a big scale. Our clients not only serve customers from an entire city, but they also have a need to brand themselves on a large platform. Now as you might imagine just about everyone with a business would ideally get market wide coverage and big platform advertising, the problem always comes down to price. This is where TSN has excelled. Weve introduced a genuinely large scale advertising platform at a price our clients need to do the ol state farm double check on. Were that well priced. Our closest competitor averages half the trucks for the same budget in our typical campaign.

How did you come up with the concept for the company? What is your career background?

My background is dominated by the entrepreneurial upbringing that my father bestowed on all of his children. My siblings and I always joke that our father is an entrepreneur that also performs eye surgery. So weve always been drawn towards the challenges of creating something from nothing. My brothers currently run the largest holiday lighting company in the southland and after years of working with them, I went off on my own to start something with the Gonen family.

The idea of TSN was born out of a very general concept from the renowned LA incubator, Curious Minds and the Gonen family, whereby they wanted a business in the advertising space. The family is a collective serial entrepreneur with a stake in nearly a dozen companies with total valuations in the $ 100s of millions. We approached the idea very organically with an open mind about how the company would actually advertise. The only two things we really didnt want to sacrifice was the size of the eventual ads and the need for it to remain cost-effective. From that, I ran into obstacle after obstacle from over saturation by billion dollar companies to local regulations that literally eliminated options. It wasnt until a road trip up to Napa Valley that the idea of using any number of the white trucks that I continually passed that the actual company had its first opportunity to become something.

Next I worked on the logistics of getting the trucks wrapped and at an acceptable price for our first pilot; the rest is history. A long and storied history, but history nonetheless. Weve been adding clients and markets every month or so since with the best in class wraps and unbeatable prices.

What have your biggest challenges been? What were the biggest triumphs?

The biggest challenge honestly was getting off the ground. The level of sacrifice and the level of trust required to start a big platform company is a bit daunting. There was quite a long time there when we were moving ahead with tremendous costs and commitments to a platform that we only believed in, not one that we knew had satisfactory answers to the very tough questions the marketplace asks of successful companies. We knew others were doing it on some level but what we wanted required a real change in the industry. We would have abandoned this idea instantly if we didnt think it had the potential to fundamentally shake up the multi-billion dollar outdoor advertising world. So proving we could just be another truck ad company was not the objective. The objective was and remains, to become a disruptive game changer that partners with the worlds biggest brands in large scale campaigns across the country. And yes, given our latest win is Canadas massively successful coffee shop, Tim Hortons were going international with this bad boy.
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Earthdance Florida Prepares For Annual Festival Gathering In Lakeland

As part of the largest global synchronized dance event in history, Earthdance Florida is excited to announce its 7th annual gathering; a four-day festival of art, music, and energy in Lakeland, Florida. The festival, which runs from September 17th through September 20th, 2015, features world-class and local talent ranging from jam bands to top electronic dance performers, visionary artists, and circus performers.

The festival consists of 3 live stages and several interactive areas. Music headliners include Desert Dwellers, Kalya Scintilla + Eve Olution, MC Armanni Reign, Kimball Collins, Mobius 8, Kaminanda, AK1200, Nominus, Space Jesus, Subsqwad, Wala, DJ Fixx, Keith Mackenzie, Hydraulix, Greenhouse Lounge, Come Back Alice, Copious Jones, the Funky Nuggets and more to be announced.

Unique to the event is the across the globe recitation of a Prayer for Peace at the same moment. Earthdance Florida’s prayer for peace will occur on Saturday evening at 7 p.m. Dixons Violin will sound off the Prayer for Peace followed by another sacred performance by Kaminanda.

Tickets, which are already selling out, also help to promote a local charity through sales. This year, $ 1 of every ticket sold will be donated to Earthdance International (501c3). Additional proceeds go to the George W. Jenkins Community of Hope, directly helping local families who are struggling with homelessness in the areas of Lakeland, Florida and Polk County.

Within our global community of sharing peace with dance, we are creating a themed landscape tale where people can come together to be co-creators in our story. This heightens our creativity, brings us closer together, and transforms our lives. Everyone is a part of our story. From the performers, to our staff, vendors and participants we are all a part of our creative transformation. Like a cosmic web, together we are spreading our love in infinite directions through our natural creative forces. States Belinda Pettinato, Founder and Producer of Earthdance Florida.

When asked about her inspiration for creating an event like this, Belinda responded, “I grew up going to the theatre with my parents, taking dance classes, and playing the piano and guitar. Music and the arts have always held a close place to my heart and inspired me growing up. After I started helping produce EDM focused events and festivals seven years ago, I felt that there could be so much more to the attendees experience. As we grew our network and became more involved with all the different types of music, arts, health, and festival communities around Florida we started to add more variety and culture to our production.”

The entertainment for this year’s festival will highlight over 25 local and national visionary and graffiti artists, as well as live artists, interactive art installations, an art gallery, earth mandala, and co-creator art wall. Over 75 International, National, and local Bands and Djs, with music styles varying from rockin’ jam bands to funk and electronic dance music, will be performing alongside a professional dance lineup that celebrates dance of all kinds from aerial sky dancing, b-boy breakdancing, hoop dancing, and fire and circus acts galore. Over 40 workshops will be offered all inclusive throughout the festival in three workshop spaces focused on flow arts, yoga, energy and healing, and earthskills.

One of over 300 festival locations participating worldwide, the event consists of three multi-genre music stages, a visionary art gallery, art installations, various workshops and encourages participants in theme camping. This year’s global theme is “Awakening”, with the local Florida chapter theme being “Rise of the Kundalini”. The event also plans to have seven “Chakra Activation Centers” for festival goers to journey through, each acting as an interactive themed landscape environment.

Tickets are available online or at select locations in Florida. Visit for details

Follow the community page on Facebook:
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Vienna Boys Choir a magnificent performance, presented by Brilliant Lecture Series

The world-renowned boys choirs 2015 exclusive Houston performance for Brilliant will feature secular songs from the internationally acclaimed film “Silk Road.” The boys take you on a musical journey through time and space on Friday, October 30, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. The single performance will take place at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church on 5501 Main Street. General admission tickets of $ 55.00 are on sale now online at

Experience the music through the eyes of these gifted boys. The choirs Silk Road project inspired film director Curt Faudon to make a film about the globetrotting choristers. For over a year, Faudon followed the boys life in Vienna and on the road, filming the boys at work and at play, on and off stage, meeting and working with artists from Central Asia, China and India.

Since 1926, the globetrotting choir has been touring the world collecting songs from everywhere. Most recently, the boys have been working on songs from the Silk Road, meeting with artists from Uzbekistan, Pakistan, India, and China, singing, and dancing and drumming along to the music.

Today there are 100 choristers from 30 different nations between the ages of ten and fourteen, divided into four touring choirs. Between them, the four choirs give around 300 concerts and performances each year in front of almost half a million people. Each group spends nine to eleven weeks of the school year on tour. They visit virtually all European countries, and they are frequent guests in Asia, Australia and the Americas.

Dont miss this 2015 exclusive Houston performance with the Vienna Boys Choir Friday, October 30, 2015 | 7:30pm | St. Paul’s United Methodist Church | 5501 Main Street | $ 55.00.

BRILLIANT is a non-profit organization known for presenting programs that educate, inspire and entertain audiences from every walk of life. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, BRILLIANT delivers interactive audience experiences featuring regional, national and international leaders, role models, philanthropists, humanitarians, entertainers and artists.

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Stage Door Productions Presents Once On This Island, Jr and Anne Of Green Gables in Conjunction with The Fort Dodge Fine Arts Association

Fort Dodge Fine Arts Association

The summer productions of Anne of Green Gables and Once on This Island, Jr will be presented by Stage Door Production. This talented group is the newest community theatre in Fort Dodge and a member of the Fort Dodge Fine Arts Association.

Founded in 2013, Stage Door Productions is committed to high-quality performances of small-cast musicals, as well as providing educational Youth Theater experiences in the Fort Dodge, Iowa, area through its Youth Theater program and Take 2 Summer Youth Theater.

The production of “Once on This Island, Jr. ” will be July 9th, 10th and 11th. This musical tells the story of a peasant girl, Ti Moune, who falls in love with Daniel, a wealthy boy from the other side of her island. When Daniel is returned to his people, the fantastical gods who rule the island guide Ti Moune on a quest that will test the strength of her love against the powerful forces of prejudice, hatred, and even death. Everyone will enjoy how the story is told through almost non-stop song and dance. The cast is comprised of 27 children from Kindergarten through 6th Grade.

“Anne of Green Gables” performance is scheduled for July 30, 31 at 7 pm and August 1 at 2 pm. This production will have 26 local youth from grades 7th through 12th telling the story of the misadventures of a wildly independent orphan with fiery red hair and a temper to match. Anne Shirley is mistakenly sent to live with a plain spoken farmer and his spinster sister (the Cuthberts), who thought they were adopting a boy.

Both productions will be held at the St. Edmond High School Auditorium. Admission is $ 10 for adults, and $ 5 for under age 18. Tickets are on sale at First American Bank, Salon & Company, Choice Printing and at the door.

These productions open doors for our talented youth in our community, states Shelly Bottorff, President of Stage Door Productions. Our ultimate goal is to not only provide great entertainment but to also highlight the artistic abilities right here in Fort Dodge.”

Promoting the talents of youth in the region is just one of the goals of the group. A commitment to introducing a variety of fine arts to the community is also their mission. Comprised of individuals like Mary Jo Laupp, who brings 27 years of directing experience, Stage Door Productions expands the horizons of this group. Other talented members include Nate Gibson, Susan Ahlers-Leman, Tabitha Acree, Kelli Wallace, Betsy Duarte and Sheila Border.

The Fort Dodge Fine Arts Association is located at 29 North 10th Street, Suite B, Fort Dodge, IA 50501. Visit their website at to learn more about the organization and members. Emails can be directed to amy(at)fd-foundation(dot)org or call 515-573-3180.
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Openbucks Winner of 2015 TiE50 Awards, Recognized as One of the Best Technology Startups among over 2700 contestants

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) May 19, 2015

Openbucks, a Silicon Valley based company that pioneers a breakthrough virtual prepaid distribution network, won for the second time the prestigious Tie50 Award for technology startups. TiE, a global organization dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship across its network, recognized Openbucks at its 2015 TiEcon annual conference, as one of the top startup companies of the year. The annual award prizes 50 technology companies in different sectors for their business model, achievement and traction, after a comprehensive selection process from 2,700+ candidates from 27 countries and a demo day, in which 166 finalists compete in front of a panel of experts.

We’re honored to receive once again the prestigious recognition from TiE a group who brings together great and accomplished entrepreneurs. TiE is a great supporter of Openbucks vision, which is to democratize prepaid distribution and payments globally through online and mobile technologies. We are privileged to have a large number of TiE Angels among our investors and advisors said Marc Rochman, CEO and Founder of Openbucks.

We eliminate the inefficiencies associated with third party distribution of prepaid products in brick and mortar stores, and make it accessible for the thousands of brands, who cant fit in gift card racks or are looking for better ways than plastic cards on a peg, to acquire users.

Third-party prepaid distribution represents a huge opportunity for online merchants. It means their goods and services can be distributed, in the form of prepaid cards, at hundreds of thousand of retail locations. This drives brand exposure, customer acquisition, alternative payment acceptance, gifting, loyalty, and more. Weve all seen the iTunes and Amazon cards at our local pharmacy but there are only 50 slots on a gift card rack with only 10 of them dedicated to online brands. The logistics are complicated and prohibitive. Its really a 20th century technology that doesnt serve 21st century commerce very well.

Openbucks brings the compelling benefits of prepaid distribution, to the thousands of popular and successful online merchants who can hugely benefit from it, making their prepaid instantly available nationwide in retail without printing a single card. Our approach is that we distribute at very popular and convenient locations, using the existing cards and the point of sales of major convenient retailers including Subway, Circle K, and Burger King but we move the rack online or to the mobile phone.

Consumers love it and we save tons of money and headaches to online merchants, who want to deploy a prepaid program in a snap said Kfir Eyal, Openbucks Vice President of sales and global payment partnerships. Last year, we sold for our merchant partners over a million virtual prepaid cards to hundreds of thousands of consumers. Weve also generated millions of store visits for our retail partners, who value the incremental foot traffic and increased frequency

TiE 50 has become a global brand that attracts thousands of companies worldwide. We screened 2716 companies this year and announced the most innovative 160 companies as 2015 TiE50 Top Start-ups. This pool of the very best-of-the-breed is again subjected to another round of rigorous judging to pick out the ultimate 50 winners proudly carrying the 2015 TiE50 Winner recognition. A star attraction of the conference is TiE50 presentations. Audiences are treated to amazing ideas and innovative technologies said Ram K. Reddy, the program chair.

It is unique in terms of rigor of selection and the broad scope of companies that it reviews for this award and is one of TiE Silicon Valleys most successful programs. It is also worth mentioning that this is the only awards recognition in technology to be held by a large global non-profit organization with no fees. A team of about 60 highly accomplished domain experts, senior executives, accomplished and experiences venture capitalists, and tech entrepreneurs come together to form a screening and judging team said Venktesh Shukla, President of TiE Silicon Valley.

The TiE50 track record since its inception in May 2009 shows that more than 90% get funded within the first year. About 120 of these companies have already exited. For further details on the TiE50, visit

About Openbucks:

Openbucks enables online merchants to distribute instantly and at scale their prepaid products and services through a unique network of major offline retailers, using their existing gift cards, hundreds of thousands of point of sales and mobile technology. Consumers can use the existing gift cards of participating trusted brands to buy online and pay at the point of sales of Subway, Circle K, Burger King, Shell, Dollar General or Sports Authority. The ability to piggyback on the prepaid distribution of large and convenient retailers brings thousands of new merchants, for which traditional rack distribution was inaccessible or too expensive, to an already $ 30 billion industry, which Openbucks intends to expand globally.

For more information please visit

About TiEcon:

TiEcon is the worlds largest conference for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs with loyal participation from top technology companies, leading venture capital firms, and global service providers. TiEcon 2015 attracted 4,700+ attendees from across the world including CEOs of established companies to first-time entrepreneurs creating new companies, to leading investment professionals and corporate executives. TiEcon was listed by Worth Magazine as one of the 10 best conferences for ideas and entrepreneurship along with TED and the World Economic Forum. For more information on TiEcon, visit

About TiE:

TiE is a global not-for-profit organization fostering entrepreneurship through mentoring, education, and networking. We consider entrepreneurship to be the single most powerful instrument to advance global prosperity. TiE is a global network of over 60 chapters in 17 countries with a worldwide membership of about 14,000 that include successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, corporate executives, and aspiring entrepreneurs. For more information on TiE, visit

Openbucks is a registered trademark of Openbucks, Corp. All other trademarks and product names are the property of their respective companies.
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Best Drug Rehabilitation Founder Per Wickstrom Returns as Sponsor of 2nd Annual Music With A Mission Benefit Concert in Western Illinois

Mendon, IL (PRWEB) June 18, 2015

On Saturday, May 30th, 2015, the Adams County Fairgrounds in Mendon, IL was the home of the 2nd Annual Music With A Mission concert to benefit local schools of Mendon and Quincy. The concert was held with the purpose of raising money that will provide financial assistance for the underfunded education systems in the local communities.

Per Wickstrom, the founder and CEO of Best Drug Rehabilitation, returned as a leading sponsor of this event, helping to promote and encourage music and arts in the education of tomorrows leaders.

Community outreach has always been, and will remain, one of the top priorities of Best Drug Rehabilitation, Wickstrom commented after the event. Education is the most effective tool that we have in fighting substance abuse and addiction. By offering our assistance wherever and whenever we can, we hope to show our teens and young adults that there is a promising future for them, and that there are healthy and positive alternatives to using drugs and alcohol. The Music With A Mission concert is just one way that we can provide the support necessary to give our youth an optimistic view of the future.

With a lineup that boasted a variety of contemporary country-rock stars, including the Cadillac Three, Trailer Choir, Highway Run, and Madd Hoss Jackson, among others, the Music With A Mission event raised thousands of dollars for the local school system to supplement a loss in funding for music and art programs that the district has seen over the past few years. Big Vinny Hickerson of Trailer Choir, one of the leading organizers behind the concert, wanted to find a way to provide assistance for the struggling education system in the area that took a step away from traditional fundraising methods, such as a candy or bake sale, or a raffle. Per Wickstrom and Best Drug Rehabilitation were honored to once again have a role in supporting this event.

Hundreds of people attended the event, packing the Show Barn where the concert was moved to avoid the less than ideal conditions caused by rain over the previous few days that had turned much of the Adams County Fairgrounds into a mud pit. Spirits were not dampened by the weather, however, as the concertgoers and performers alike enjoyed a fun-filled night of good music and good company, and all for a very good cause.
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