Earthdance Florida Prepares For Annual Festival Gathering In Lakeland

As part of the largest global synchronized dance event in history, Earthdance Florida is excited to announce its 7th annual gathering; a four-day festival of art, music, and energy in Lakeland, Florida. The festival, which runs from September 17th through September 20th, 2015, features world-class and local talent ranging from jam bands to top electronic dance performers, visionary artists, and circus performers.

The festival consists of 3 live stages and several interactive areas. Music headliners include Desert Dwellers, Kalya Scintilla + Eve Olution, MC Armanni Reign, Kimball Collins, Mobius 8, Kaminanda, AK1200, Nominus, Space Jesus, Subsqwad, Wala, DJ Fixx, Keith Mackenzie, Hydraulix, Greenhouse Lounge, Come Back Alice, Copious Jones, the Funky Nuggets and more to be announced.

Unique to the event is the across the globe recitation of a Prayer for Peace at the same moment. Earthdance Florida’s prayer for peace will occur on Saturday evening at 7 p.m. Dixons Violin will sound off the Prayer for Peace followed by another sacred performance by Kaminanda.

Tickets, which are already selling out, also help to promote a local charity through sales. This year, $ 1 of every ticket sold will be donated to Earthdance International (501c3). Additional proceeds go to the George W. Jenkins Community of Hope, directly helping local families who are struggling with homelessness in the areas of Lakeland, Florida and Polk County.

Within our global community of sharing peace with dance, we are creating a themed landscape tale where people can come together to be co-creators in our story. This heightens our creativity, brings us closer together, and transforms our lives. Everyone is a part of our story. From the performers, to our staff, vendors and participants we are all a part of our creative transformation. Like a cosmic web, together we are spreading our love in infinite directions through our natural creative forces. States Belinda Pettinato, Founder and Producer of Earthdance Florida.

When asked about her inspiration for creating an event like this, Belinda responded, “I grew up going to the theatre with my parents, taking dance classes, and playing the piano and guitar. Music and the arts have always held a close place to my heart and inspired me growing up. After I started helping produce EDM focused events and festivals seven years ago, I felt that there could be so much more to the attendees experience. As we grew our network and became more involved with all the different types of music, arts, health, and festival communities around Florida we started to add more variety and culture to our production.”

The entertainment for this year’s festival will highlight over 25 local and national visionary and graffiti artists, as well as live artists, interactive art installations, an art gallery, earth mandala, and co-creator art wall. Over 75 International, National, and local Bands and Djs, with music styles varying from rockin’ jam bands to funk and electronic dance music, will be performing alongside a professional dance lineup that celebrates dance of all kinds from aerial sky dancing, b-boy breakdancing, hoop dancing, and fire and circus acts galore. Over 40 workshops will be offered all inclusive throughout the festival in three workshop spaces focused on flow arts, yoga, energy and healing, and earthskills.

One of over 300 festival locations participating worldwide, the event consists of three multi-genre music stages, a visionary art gallery, art installations, various workshops and encourages participants in theme camping. This year’s global theme is “Awakening”, with the local Florida chapter theme being “Rise of the Kundalini”. The event also plans to have seven “Chakra Activation Centers” for festival goers to journey through, each acting as an interactive themed landscape environment.

Tickets are available online or at select locations in Florida. Visit for details

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