infinitee Wins Inaugural NUVI Award For Excellence In Social Media

infinitee, a full-service, strategic marketing agency in Atlanta, GA made history winning the first ever, monthly NUVI award for its Winning Strategy and Implementation of NUVI, a monitoring, analytics, and data visualization platform for social media. The agency implemented the real-time social media intelligence tool in late February to provide more in-depth data analysis of its clients online presence, allowing the team to see what people are saying about each client across the internet, respond to the most important conversations and ultimately influence social behaviors.

infinitee is proud to be recognized for its strategic implementation of the product among thousands of NUVI users and global brands. infinitees social media department is comprised of three dedicated team members who manage all of the social media needs for a notable list of clients with unique tactics developed to capitalize on the intelligence data NUVI provides. Additionally, infinitee leverages NUVI as a market research tool when applicable across other agency verticals including market research, consumer demographics, interests, lifestyles and is also proving beneficial in other areas of infinitees marketing and advertising services.

infinitee has established a unique strategy to using NUVI that is unconventional to most major agencies and brands, eliciting the following statement from the NUVI team:

We cannot share infinitees secret sauce and how theyre using NUVI because then youll all copy them. But infinitee is proving NUVI is not a cookie cutter solution that fits just one type of industry as they are finding a lot of success with their agency and clients, and are having a great experience using NUVI as their social media platform. Congrats on being awesome.

Other winners of the inaugural NUVI award include:

1. Jonathon Miami for pitching Donald Trump on his presidential candidacy announcement: Mr. Trump, Im a web developer. Lets talk about that $ 3 website. receiving more retweets than Trumps announcement itself.

2. The Denver Broncos for participating in American Pharoahs first Triple Crown win since 1978: We know a thing or two about being the best horse. Way to run. #AmericanPharoah #TripleCrown

3. Bellator MMA for its wonderful review of NUVIs ability to monitor real-time conversations via keywords and hashtags during one of their biggest fights to date.

4. Taylor Swift and Apple for their quick conversation and the solutions social media provided to solve the Apple Streaming Music Services in protection of new artists.

Whether a retail or commercial real estate company, a global brand or a b2b entity using traditional or emerging marketing tools, infinitee has the capability to analyze your existing online presence, efforts and resources to effectively strategize the best plan of action to capitalize on the most effective tactics working for you.

Call infinitee today at (404) 231-3481 Ext.114 to speak with our Social Media Strategist, Chelsea Smith, directly for more information regarding the best solutions for online strategies.

About infinitee

infinitee is a full-service real estate marketing and advertising agency based in Atlanta, Georgia with 25+ years of marketing experience. Our services include branding, advertising, digital, social media and more for commercial, mixed-use, multifamily, shopping and outlet center developers and management companies. infinitee is known for unlimited creativity, strategic marketing and unmatched service.

Some of our clients include: Cousins Properties, PM Realty Group, Gables Residential, Lennar Commercial Investments, Craig Realty Group, Banyan Street Capital, Tanger Outlets, OliverMcMillan, RaCo Real Estate Advisors, Hill Partners, Fuqua Development
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