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Donald R. Copes book The Nephilim Factor: Evil of Women and Angels is a vivid adventure through a strange and captivating world

(PRWEB) April 23, 2015

Donald R. Cope, a sales, marketing, training and development professional, has completed his book The Nephilim Factor: Evil of Women and Angels: a gripping and potent tale of intrigue and adventure, which explores some of the great mysteries of life.

When asked about the inspiration for the book, Cope said I am a Big Brother in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program and noticed that every single time there was a super-hero movie my little brother wanted to go. I happened upon Genesis 6 one day and wondered why popular press hadn’t ever captured a story of the super-heroes from this strange verse in the Bible. I decided that I would be the one to tell this story of angels who came to earth, mated with human women and forever changed the course of history. Whenever a truly heinous crime is committed, whenever vicious atrocities are perpetrated by man against mankind, The Nephilim Factor is no doubt a part of the equation!

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Copes poignant tale takes the reader to a far away world, filled with unusual settings and encounters. This imaginative novel explores the source of all great evil in the world. What might the Nephilim have been and could they still be affecting the world today?

Readers who wish to experience this mesmerizing work can purchaseThe Nephilim Factor: Evil of Women and Angels at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or media inquiries, contact Page Publishing at 866-315-2708.

About Page Publishing

Page Publishing is a traditional New York based full-service publishing house that handles all of the intricacies involved in publishing its authors books, including distribution in the worlds largest retail outlets and royalty generation. Page Publishing knows that authors need to be free to create – not bogged down with complicated business issues like eBook conversion, establishing wholesale accounts, insurance, shipping, taxes and the like. Its roster of authors can leave behind these tedious, complex and time consuming issues, and focus on their passion: writing and creating. Learn more at http://www.pagepublishing.com.

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The Worlds Greatest Pink Floyd Show Brit Floyd Space and Time World Tour 2015 Coming to DPAC, Durham Performing Arts Center, on May 30, 2015

Durham, NC (PRWEB) January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015 (Durham, NC) Brit Floyd, the world’s greatest Pink Floyd show, returns to North America in 2015 to launch its Space & Time World Tour. This is their most ambitious show to date; with a spectacular new light show, an even bigger stage production and over one hundred concerts planned throughout the United States and Canada between March and August 2015 with a stop at DPAC, Durham Performing Arts Center, on May 30, 2015. This will mark the third appearance of Brit Floyd to DPACs stage.

Tickets go on sale Friday, January 16 at 10 a.m.:

New Hip-Hop Music Song “I Want This World” Becoming International Hit in 2010 Hip-Hop Culture

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 12, 2010

New Hip-Hop Music song writer and performer C.KhiD continues to storm the Internet. Hit song “I want This World” has morphed into an internationally recognized hit Hip-Hop song, spawning fans in Australia, the UK, Central America, the Caribbean, and more. Responding to demand and communicating with fans, C.KhiD sales rise on Itunes, Earbuzz, his official store. An avid sneaker collector, he’s even on the front page of http://www.KicksAndChicks.com showing off his Nike and Air Jordan sneakers. There’s more to what you might ‘C Kid’ with this new Hip-Hop music artist.

New Hip-Hop music song writer and performer C.KhiD launched his own east coast promotional tour in 2009. Promoting his single “I Want This World,” the Hip-Hop artist along with 3 friends distributed over 800 units by hand. Taking advantage of clothing stores they shopped in or stopped at, several hundred additional CDs were given away by stores to patrons. Now the emerging Hip-Hop star’s work is paying off with a building buzz that’s landed Itunes sales and over 1 million YouTube video plays. Youtube help website http://www.todownloadyoutubevideos.com even rates C.KhiD among the emerging youtube celebrity faces.

“As Jay-Z says, Men Lie, Women Lie, but the numbers don’t. I took the approach of 50 Cent with hand to hand mixtapes and have began the Drizzy Drake method giving away good music for free. The formulas are definitely working, now I’m waiting for itunes Results,” says the new Hip-Hop music artist.

Nearing 100,000 plays on YouTube (http://www.YouTube.com/ckhid), C.KhiD’s music video “I Want This World” has garnered enough attention to create a demand on Itunes mp3 store, Amazon, Earbuzz, and http://www.Myxer.com ringtone site. Surprising even C.KhiD, the global support for his music is growing at a rapid pace. Rap music fans from Australia, the UK, Spain, and Central America have all reached out.

“The craziest things at this point are results of heart-deep, good music. A YouTube fan offered $ 50 to get my album and some fans from Spain and Mexico AOL instant messaged me and I had to speak Spanish, which wasn’t so hard but it was memorable. I kinda feel like a Bob Marley of the new generation with my small-town ways but in reality, people just love real music,” continued C.KhiD.

Passing 1 million views to the new videos on his YouTube channel, C.KhiD says he’s almost ready with his 2nd double CD release. Entitled “Black Box Dreams 2,” no release date is set but he is aiming for late February 2010.

Visit C.KhiD’s official on-line music shop at http://store.ckhid.com to purchase the album and CKHID Dreamer’s Logo T-shirt. Available in limited quantities, CKHID MUSIC will not produce only 100 Black Box Dreams Double Disc CD sets per month. Fans will have to get on a waiting list to purchase the CD after the 100 have sold, as C.KhiD hand autographs each cover.

Production on C.KhiD’s album is all focused around talented Internet celebrities. Forging ahead into the digital age of music and entertainment, he’s collaborating with several artists and producers. Carlos Paez of http://www.LosBeats.com, Johnny Juliano, Koncept Beats, Timothy DelaGhetto, and D Dot Morse of Ready Rock Production are just a few of the names he’s locked in for the album.

Looking forward to his new Dreamers Hip-Hop Music road tour, C.KhiD plans to stop in 16 locations. Those cities will be popular North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida Destinations. Between stops he will be taking on interviews with various Hip-Hop music blogs and web sites. Visit http://www.KicksAndChicks.com for C.KhiD’s latest interview, which he talks about his Nike and Air Jordan sneaker collection and his 2008 Internet hit “Nike Head”.


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